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Oasis Concepts was established in 2003 producing innovative folding kitchen islands, carts, desks, tables and cabinets for home use. Our products are either requiring no assembly or quick assembly. The idea is to save time and provide convenience to the users.

Our folding design is based on a patented precision multi-hinge folding mechanism that allows opening and closing within seconds. This folding design requires no assembly. The product is ready to use upon delivery.

Besides foldable, all of our products are also portable. It comes with four locking wheels. You can wheel the product to wherever you go or lock to secure. From the kitchen, you can use the cart to wheel to the dining room for serving. It can be wheeled to the backyard for barbeque. It can be a laundry cart, a dessert cart, a salad cart, a gift wrap cart, a bar cart, a beverage cart, a food preparation cart, a buffet cart... It is great for entertaining!

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