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(1) How do you clean the tabletop?
Use mild detergent to wipe clean and dry with clean cloth. Do not use corrosive or abrasive pads.

(2) Can I cut on the wooden top?
If you cut on the wooden top, it will mar the surface. Therefore, we do not recommend it. Use a cutting board instead.

(3) Can the unit stand on its own once it is folded?
No, the unit cannot stand on its own, you must lean it against a wall or a secure surface.

(4) Can I leave the cart outdoor?
No, the cart must be stored indoor.

(5) Can I place hot pot on the tabletop?
The wooden top has a clear coating on it; therefore, do not place hot item on the tabletop.

(6) Can I place heavy appliances on the cart?
Please refer to the user manual that specified the load limit for the product.

(7) Are replacement parts available?
If you need a replacement, please contact us for availability.

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